Kutipan (Quote) - Dad (2)

I love the comic opportunities that come up in the context of a father-son relationship.
Harrison Ford

I wanted to be a forest ranger or a coal man. At a very early age, I knew I didn't want to do what my dad did, which was work in an office.
Harrison Ford

A father's disappointment can be a very powerful tool.
Michael Bergin

I kept my babies fed. I could have dumped them, but I didn't. I decided that whatever trip I was on, they were going with me. You're looking at a real daddy.
Barry White

I never had a speech from my father 'this is what you must do or shouldn't do' but I just learned to be led by example. My father wasn't perfect.
Adam Sandler

I wasn't anything special as a father. But I loved them and they knew it.
Sammy Davis, Jr.

My father never raised his hand to any one of his children, except in self-defense.
Fred Allen

It is much easier to become a father than to be one.
Kent Nerburn

It is impossible to please all the world and one's father.
Jean de La Fontaine

As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue me.
Christine Keeler

When I was 18, I thought my father was pretty dumb. After a while when I got to be 21, I was amazed to find out how much he'd learned in three years.
Frank Butler

Father told me that if I ever met a lady in a dress like yours, I must look her straight in the eyes.
Prince Charles

Feels good to try, but playing a father, I'm getting a little older. I see now that I'm taking it more serious and I do want that lifestyle.
Adam Sandler

My father wants me to be like my brother, but I can't be.
Robert Mapplethorpe

I would never have done what I'd done if I'd considered my father as somebody I wanted to please.
Robert Mapplethorpe

But I have to be careful not to let the world dazzle me so much that I forget that I'm a husband and a father.
Herbie Hancock

Employee fathers need to step up to the plate and put their family needs on the table.
James Levine

The child is father of the man.
William Wordsworth

I hope I am remembered by my children as a good father.
Orson Scott Card

The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war.
E. B. White

My grandfather, along with Carnegie, was a pioneer in philanthropy, which my father then practiced on a very large scale.
David Rockefeller

My father, he was like the rock, the guy you went to with every problem.
Gwyneth Paltrow

Child-rearing is my main interest now. I'm a hands-on father.
Sean Penn

One of my earliest memories is of my father carrying me in one arm with a picket sign in the other.
Camryn Manheim

Aeneas carried his aged father on his back from the ruins of Troy and so do we all, whether we like it or not, perhaps even if we have never known them.
Angela Carter

I have always thought of Walt Disney as my second father.
Annette Funicello

My father loved people, children and pets.
Tony Visconti

No, I never thought about my father's money as my money.
Christie Hefner

It was my father who taught me to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life.
Dawn French

My father was grounded, a very meat-and-potatoes man. He was a baker.
Anthony Hopkins

My father taught me how to substitute realities.
Mira Sorvino

I love my dad, although I'm definitely critical of him sometimes, like when his pants are too tight. But I love him so much and I try to be really supportive of him.
Liv Tyler

My father and I have a very good relationship. We always got along. But I always scold him.
Amy Sedaris

I grew up not liking my father very much. I never saw him cry. But he must have. Everybody cries.
Charley Pride

My dad taught me true words you have to use in every relationship. Yes, baby.
Star Jones

My father was the most rational and the most dispassionate of men.
Simon Newcomb

I'm a fun father, but not a good father. The hard decisions always went to my wife.
John Lithgow

Because of my father, we are that Shining City on a Hill.
Michael Reagan

Thirteen, 13 children, and I love - I love them all. And I think I've been a good father to all of them.
Anthony Quinn

My father was the guy on the block who said hi to everyone.
Damon Wayans

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