Kutipan (Quote) - Pet (2)

I live alone, with cats, books, pictures, fresh vegetables to cook, the garden, the hens to feed.
Jeanette Winterson

What a dog I got, his favorite bone is in my arm.
Rodney Dangerfield

If a dog jumps into your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.
Alfred North Whitehead

No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish.
Kin Hubbard

If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater suggest that he wear a tail.
Fran Lebowitz

We've begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet - so we bought a dog. Well, it's cheaper, and you get more feet.
Rita Rudner

Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a good many different ailments, but I have never heard of one who suffered from insomnia.
Joseph Wood Krutch

Many who have spent a lifetime in it can tell us less of love than the child that lost a dog yesterday.
Thornton Wilder

I kind of imagine myself at eighty, a cat lady.
Juliette Lewis

There's a saying. If you want someone to love you forever, buy a dog, feed it and keep it around.
Dick Dale

A hungry dog hunts best. A hungrier dog hunts even better.
Norman Ralph Augustine

Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.
William S. Burroughs

Cat: a pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings.
Oliver Herford

I was a dog in a past life. Really. I'll be walking down the street and dogs will do a sort of double take. Like, Hey, I know him.
William H. Macy

People who keep dogs are cowards who haven't got the guts to bite people themselves.
August Strindberg

The trees in Siberia are miles apart, that is why the dogs are so fast.
Bob Hope

There's just me and my wife and a dog and we feed him Healthy Choice also.
Mike Ditka

Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job.
Franklin P. Jones

The world spends $40 billion a year on pet food.
Nicholas D. Kristof

I've always been mad about cats.
Vivien Leigh

A kitten is chiefly remarkable for rushing about like mad at nothing whatever, and generally stopping before it gets there.
Agnes Repplier

It was so cold today that I saw a dog chasing a cat, and the dog was walking.
Mickey Rivers

I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days.
Bill Dana

Just watching my cats can make me happy.
Paula Cole

It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more.
Agnes Repplier

There are all sorts of cute puppy dogs, but it doesn't stop people from going out and buying Dobermans.
Angus Young

I'm looking more like my dogs every day - it must be the shaggy fringe and the ears.
Christine McVie

We have three cats. It's like having children, but there is no tuition involved.
Ron Reagan

Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet. With needles in their jaws and feet.
Pam Brown

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.
Joseph Wood Krutch

Perhaps it is because cats do not live by human patterns, do not fit themselves into prescribed behavior, that they are so united to creative people.
Andre Norton

I've got a new invention. It's a revolving bowl for tired goldfish.
Lefty Gomez

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.
James Herriot

Cats don't like change without their consent.
Roger Caras

I love cats.
Dick Van Patten

I used to love dogs until I discovered cats.
Nafisa Joseph

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.
Hippolyte Taine

Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.
W. L. George

Only very brave mouse makes nest in cat's ear.
Earl Derr Biggers

Kittens can happen to anyone.
Paul Gallico

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