Kutipan (Quote) - Dreams (3)

I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in dreams... Man... is above all the plaything of his memory.
Andre Breton

Writers write. Dreamers talk about it.
Jerry B. Jenkins

We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.
Katie Holmes

Was it only by dreaming or writing that I could find out what I thought?
Joan Didion

That's what keeps me going: dreaming, inventing, then hoping and dreaming some more in order to keep dreaming.
Joseph Barbera

People are so busy dreaming the American Dream, fantasizing about what they could be or have a right to be, that they're all asleep at the switch. Consequently we are living in the Age of Human Error.
Florence King

Only the dreamer shall understand realities, though in truth his dreaming must be not out of proportion to his waking.
Margaret Fuller

Oh, I was never a businessman. I was a visionary, a dreamer.
Jim Bakker

Take everything easy and quit dreaming and brooding and you will be well guarded from a thousand evils.
Amy Lowell

Married or unmarried, young or old, poet or worker, you are still a dreamer, and will one time know, and feel, that your life is but a dream.
Donald G. Mitchell

We are near waking when we dream we are dreaming.

Strivers achieve what dreamers believe.
Usher Raymond

You can plant a dream.
Anne Campbell

Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests.
Charles Lindbergh

People need dreams, there's as much nourishment in 'em as food.
Dorothy Gilman

One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams.
E. V. Lucas

I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenge you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better.
Brian Schweitzer

You know, Willie Wonka said it best: we are the makers of dreams, the dreamers of dreams.
Herb Brooks

We should never discourage young people from dreaming dreams.
Lenny Wilkens

Only things the dreamers make live on. They are the eternal conquerors.
Herbert Kaufman

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