Kutipan (Quote) - Teen (2)

As I've said many times, the single most oppressed class in America right now is the teenager.
Joe Bob Briggs

I was a handful growing up.
Olivia Wilde

I spent the first fourteen years of my life convinced that my looks were hideous. Adolescence is painful for everyone, I know, but mine was plain weird.
Uma Thurman

I'm a teenager, but I'm independent - I have my own apartment, I have my own life. And I think I have learned more than any of those teenagers have in school. I learned to be responsible, leaving my family and coming here alone.
Adriana Lima

Maturity is only a short break in adolescence.
Jules Feiffer

But when I was a teenager, the idea of spending the rest of my life in a factory was real depressing. So the idea that I could become a musician opened up some possibilities I didn't see otherwise.
Wayne Kramer

Trouble is, kids feel they have to shock their elders and each generation grows up into something harder to shock.
Ben Lindsey

Children, even infants, are capable of sympathy. But only after adolescence are we capable of compassion.
Louise J. Kaplan

At the age of 16 I was already dreaming of having a baby because I felt myself to be an adult, but my mum forbid it. Right now, I feel like a teenager and I want to have fun for one or two more years before starting a family.
Milla Jovovich

I have always had a sense that we are all pretty much alone in life, particularly in adolescence.
Robert Cormier

When I look in the mirror I see the girl I was when I was growing up, with braces, crooked teeth, a baby face and a skinny body.
Heather Locklear

Friendships in childhood are usually a matter of chance, whereas in adolescence they are most often a matter of choice.
David Elkind

Adolescence is a new birth, for the higher and more completely human traits are now born.
G. Stanley Hall

I think you go through a period as a teenager of being quite cool and unaffected by things.
Miranda Otto

Teenagers today are more free to be themselves and to accept themselves.
John Knowles

Teenagers who are never required to vacuum are living in one.
Fred G. Gosman

The toddler must say no in order to find out who she is. The adolescent says no to assert who she is not.
Louise J. Kaplan

Adolescence is the conjugator of childhood and adulthood.
Louise J. Kaplan

Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure to put aside their authentic selves and to display only a small portion of their gifts.
Mary Pipher

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