Kutipan (Quote) - Legal (2)

Lawsuits should not be used to destroy a viable and independent distribution system. The solution lies in the marketplace and not the courtroom.
Don Henley

I'm afraid I talk a lot, too much, perhaps. I should have been a lawyer or a college professor or a windy politician, though I'm glad I am not any of these.
Tom Glazer

As a private lawyer, I could bill $750 an hour, but I don't.
Jay Alan Sekulow

I wouldn't pretend to tell you we don't pay our lawyers well.
Jay Alan Sekulow

I come from a profession which has suffered greatly because of the lack of civility. Lawyers treat each other poorly and it has come home to haunt them. The public will not tolerate a lack of civility.
James E. Rogers

To some lawyers, all facts are created equal.
Felix Frankfurter

A good lawyer is a bad Christian.
John Lothrop Motley

It costs a lot to sue a magazine, and it's too bad that we don't have a system where the losing team has to pay the winning team's lawyers.
Carol Burnett

Frivolous lawsuits are booming in this county. The U.S. has more costs of litigation per person than any other industrialized nation in the world, and it is crippling our economy.
Jack Kingston

I'm trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer.
Oliver North

I have been surrounded by some of the smartest, brightest, most caring lawyers, by agents who are willing to risk their lives for others, by support staff that are willing to work as hard as they can.
Janet Reno

The good lawyer is the great salesman.
Janet Reno

As for lawyers, it's more fun to play one than to be one.
Sam Waterston

All the libel lawyers will tell you there's no libel any more, that everyone's given up.
Ian Hislop

It is impossible to tell where the law stops and justice begins.
Arthur Baer

Unfortunately, what many people forget is that judges are just lawyers in robes.
Tammy Bruce

A married woman has the same right to control her own body as does an unmarried woman.
Sol Wachtler

As a rule lawyers tend to want to do whatever they can to win.
Bill Williams

To force a lawyer on a defendant can only lead him to believe that the law contrives against him.
Potter Stewart

I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 11 years of age.
Johnnie Cochran

Lawsuit abuse is a major contributor to the increased costs of healthcare, goods and services to consumers.
Charles W. Pickering

I have been committed to carrying out my duties... in accordance with both the letter and spirit of all applicable rules of ethics and canons of conduct.
Samuel Alito

A lawyer who does not know men is handicapped.
William Dunbar

They don't need a lawyer, they need a toastmaster.
Edward Bennett Williams

Where there is a will there is a lawsuit.
Addison Mizner

I never saw a lawyer yet who would admit he was making money.
Mary Roberts Rinehart

If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.
Lord Halifax

I used to want to be a lawyer, but I didn't want to have half my brain sucked out.
Max Walker

From your confessor, lawyer and physician, hide not your case on no condition.
John Harington

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